Healthy Smiles - Multi Speciality Dental Clinic in Moradabad

The clinic is designed to give you a pleasant and calming environment. The concept works at all sensory levels – visual, sound, smells, taste and touch and is effective in bringing down anxiety levels in patients.


The first area of dental treatment is general dentistry. This area of dentistry is focused on ensuring that you have good oral hygiene and dental health. General Dentistry ensures that you do not have any issues such as cavities or gum disease. It covers a wide range of treatments and takes a look at your overall dental health and needs. General dentistry also use restorative procedures to repair the effects of tooth decay, trauma, defect or disease in different areas of the mouth.

  • + Routine Exam
  • + Dental Hygiene
  • + Dental Fillings
  • + Root Canal Treatment
  • + Tooth Extraction
  • + Teeth Whitening